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designed restaurant whithin your reach

Turnkey Project

TAVOS is a full service design and construction firm. We are your best
partner at every step of the project. From designing to obtaining
permits and constructing your dream house.

Designing your own house is a dream that needs to become reality. The dream is yours and we will help you to interpret it and make it become real. Your ideas, needs and wishes are the guidelines...


Obtaining construction permits can be quite a challenge. Especially when you aim to build a house what you desire and not what the authorities want you to build...


TAVOS specialises in constructing custom designed high end houses. These projects require special know-how and experience...

Do you have a vision of your house already or do you want to discuss possibilities?


'Custom' is the new 'freedom'

Do you want to experience real freedom? Live the way you want to live in a house that is custom made. For you only! Your house can be truly yours.

Do you like a house
with big open spaces?

why not

Do you want
a walking bridge
instead of a corridor?

why not

Do you want floating stairs?

why not

Within your reach

Is there a reason for the ``project house``? It only might seem so: custom designed houses can beaffordable.
A company that both designs and builds the house can guarantee that.

Let’s discuss your ideas
about your house.